Our Year of Autism Therapy

As we were leaving my friend’s house-warming party yesterday, she mentioned what a blessing it will be to have land enough to build homes for their two autistic children. I had no idea there was any issue with either child (they’re both very high-functioning).

Our conversation reminded me of the year our family spent pursuing neurodevelopment to improve or correct some minor issues:

Slow auditory processing;
Sensory issues (aversion to touch);
Delayed reading;
Delayed math skills;
Car sickness, the tendency to nausea.

The program we tried has been used with success to treat autism, Down Syndrome, ADD, Learning Disabilities, stroke victims, and more. We saw significant gains from using the program, so I wanted to link it here.

To get an overview of the program (and read a lot of success stories!), check out Linda Kane’s book, A Neurodevelopmental Approach. (Sorry, it’s not available on Amazon at the moment.)