Posting to Facebook Securely on Auto-Pilot

[Update, 6/17/2020: This process works, but I’ve temporarily disabled it until I finish restructuring my website. Also, based on the throttling of conservative content by mainstream social media networks, I may limit auto-posting to platforms that encourage free speech like CloutHub.]

I’ve spent exactly 3 weeks of mental effort in the past 72 hours to figure out how to connect my WordPress site to IFTTT while using a two-factor authentication (“2FA”) plugin.

2FA is mandatory in my SRP opinion. (SRP: Super Responsible Person. Thanks, Jennifer Allwood, for putting a name on it!) After seeing six months of blogging destroyed by hacking, and experiencing the anger, grief, and discouragement that followed, I’m maybe a little more OCD about security on my website than your average nerdy mom.

The trouble is, I’m also a little OCD about automation. I refuse to build on social media platforms (online real estate from which I can be evicted without notice) unless it’s done in tandem with building something I can control, like my own self-hosted domain.

Enter my WordPress, IFTTT, 2FA security dilemma.

Debugging 2FA Security to Connect WordPress, Facebook, and IFTTT

It seemed my security plugin was blocking IFTTT from accessing my XML-RCP. As if I know what that means.

Today, I’ve switched plugins to one that specifically allows access to XML-RCP. Let’s see if this works. If this post shows up on my Facebook business page, then Yippee.