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Hi, I’m Morgan Reece. Welcome to my little blog on the web. May it ever be a place to encourage the weary, lift up the fallen, and honor the true and living God who is the only true source of unspeakable joy.

I’m so honored to learn from Jennifer Smith how to be an Unveiled Wife®. And I look forward to doing what I can to encourage her community in the worthy goal of building true intimacy and stronger marriages.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2020 by Unveiled Wife

This might sound a little presumptuous, but…

I like you already

I like you already.

Because I know that if the things I wrote in my Father’s Day Gift Guide resonated with you, that means you want the Law of Kindness to rule your words. Me too.

A couple of things you need to know:

  • The free download you’re about to get comes from advice I received from my pastor’s wife decades ago. She’s a godly woman who has been happily married for over forty years. Her advice is worth considering.
  • Some of these things may sound old-fashioned. Or maybe too hard. (Confession: I’ve been an utter failure at instilling good habits in myself, much less in my little darlings. But for the grace of God we’d all be in trouble! LOL)

Before I share this resource, I want to quote some closing thoughts from the blog post that expands on the list:

Our greatest need of all is the grace of God. Because without that, we are likely to see these ideas like a big long list of chores and obligations. If that’s your mindset, you’re missing the point.

Jesus’ yoke is easy, and His burden is light. Marriage and ministry done His way will feed your soul, not destroy it. So give these ideas a try, and see if you don’t feel a little less like a martyr.

Smarter Joy with Morgan Reece | 15 Ways to Bless Your Husband

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For instant access, click on the PDF title: 15 Ways to Bless Your Husband.

Bless You

Bless you, dear one.

Please know that, whether your home is full of peace and joy or not right now, God wants to help it be that way. May we embrace the messy journey to the good plans He has for each of us.