Rise Up 2020

I’m beyond excited about a 20-day FREE challenge hosted by world-class entrepreneur Pete Vargas. It’s called the Rise Up Challenge, and it’s running from Sunday, April 5 – Saturday, April 25.

What is the Rise Up Challenge?

The Rise Up Challenge is a 20-day online conference. It’s completely free. (You’ll have the option to buy recordings and access to the host’s upcoming online event when you sign up, but there are no offers being presented by any of the speakers. All profit from this event will be donated to a charity that supports entrepreneurship.)

There are over 45 speakers, covering 7 areas of life: Personal Growth, Mindset, Health, Relationships, Business, Finance, and Faith.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are giving in to fear and negativity. Yet for those willing to Rise Up, COVID-19 is an opportunity to focus on things that last: health, relationships, faith, and, yes, even building a business that matters.

Who is the Rise Up Challenge For?

Michael Hyatt (one of the speakers for the conference) wants us all to “think about what this time makes possible.” Yes! You’re stuck at home. There’s no better time to focus on learning how to help others in significant ways. Learn to serve the world and prosper.

Dave Ramsey taught me, Christians have a moral obligation to build wealth. It takes money to support missionaries, money to promote leaders and causes that support freedom of speech so the Gospel can be unhindered.

Even if you have no interest in building a business, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to take the Rise Up Challenge. You’ll get daily reminders that Fear Is Not The Boss Of You (thanks, Jennifer Allwood!), and how to take control of your thoughts so all that anxiety you’ve been resisting is replaced by gratitude.

(I’m not saying “manifest your destiny” or “name it and claim it.” God doesn’t promise an easy path. But if He hasn’t called you to the mission field, what are you doing to “stay by the stuff”? How can you multiply the talents He has given? Be faithful with little so He can trust you with more!)

Sign up at RiseUpWorld.com, and join my daily watch party on Facebook.