Our Favorite Children’s Bible Videos

Gospel Bill – Christian Cowboy Character Stories

We only had a handful (four? six?) of the VHS tapes from The Gospel Bill Collector’s Edition, but those tapes were well-used and well-loved. Last week we were reminiscing about Gospel Bill when my daughter piped up (in her best southern drawl), “Gawd has not given us the spirit of fear, but of looove and of pow-wehr, and a SOUND MAHND!”

To which her sister replied, “That’s how I memorized that verse! Watching Gospel Bill.” Charming in their simplicity, filled with Bible and character-based stories, Gospel Bill videos are a treasure. I’m glad the DVDs are still available on Amazon. Each DVD contains four episodes, so the set of seven works out to around less than $2 an episode including shipping.

The Land of Pleasant Dreams

As far as I can tell, these are only available on YouTube. Here’s a playlist>> of about eight stories from the collection. Adorable characters and feel-good stories. Singable songs, gentle music, with loving truth every child needs to hear.

Granted, our children didn’t watch a ton of videos growing up. But they were still a bit picky at times. Yet when the topic of Threads the Bear and Grandma’s patchwork quilt came up recently, my girls spontaneously declared, “I loved those videos!” (or words to that effect) in unison. Each story focuses on a topic children care about, like having friends or being scared of the dark. Non-denominational.