How to Connect Your Facebook Business Page with Your Personal Profile

This video shows how I linked my Facebook business page to my personal profile. Sadly, I thought I’d done this months ago. No wonder I kept getting new Likes on my old business page. There was NOTHING on my personal profile to direct people to my new “hub”! ?

I patterned my Personal Profile intro after Sandi Krakowski, listing 3 websites I want people to engage with.

The first is my home base on the web, Morgan Reece HQ. This is sort of a hub for my various projects. (I got this idea from Seth Godin, who has for his “hub” and for his blog.)

The next link on my Facebook profile is my blog, As in, You Are Here.

Next is a collection of links to give folks a quick peek into what I do, at I got this idea from seeing Brian Dixon’s Instagram bio. is a paid service. My alternative doesn’t offer dancing buttons or advanced analytics, but as a startup, I want to be super frugal and only pay for products I can’t create for free. And I like the way my links pages turned out, plus it’s three fewer characters than

I also set up a PrettyLink on that redirects to the page on Smarter Joy.

Please post your comments or questions below! Thanks! ☺️