Facebook – Mom Life: June 15, 2020

Some favorite posts I gathered over the past eight weeks on Facebook. (I’m splitting these into posts by topic to keep them shorter.)

FB: Smarter Mom Life (Facebook Gems collected 6-15-2021, dating back over the past 8 weeks)

Corrie Ten Boom on forgiveness (from Joshua Agan)

People who know how to pose with sculptures – made me laugh

My Facebook live – the most important things you say…

From June 1 – our family tradition for every birthday – A ridiculously obnoxious happy birthday song by the arrogant worms

Best podcast episode ever:

Flip Your Life Episode 242 – Five Year Quitaversary

Lots of truth bombs and motivation!

Abbey Brown’s inspiring story. (Abbey is my friend from church, overcoming dystonia since a missed diagnosis of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever when she was a toddler. She inspires me.)

My lemonade post – a reminder that God has a purpose in your trials.

My hair didn’t quit post – and neither should you!

My small wins post (smile) – it’s the little things, people.

Happy babies – made me smile

I won’t spoil it for you. This made me laugh.