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Hi this is Morgan Reece reminding you to Do What Matters.

I have three goals for this video today:

1. Remind you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made
2. Remind you to focus on what only you can do;
3. Remind you to set important goals and tell someone!

The Bible says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made: There’s so much negativity in the world, and we often bring it to ourselves. We judge ourselves, criticize ourselves. But God created each person in His image and declared you are “fearfully and wonderfully made”! There’s nobody like you. Your value doesn’t depend on whether you are young enough, tall enough, thin enough. When you are 50 you’re going to think the body you had at 40 was pretty great. When you’re 60 you’ll look back fondly on the body you had at 50! And even so, my goal is to be in better shape 10 years from now than I am right now… so I’m working on developing the habits that will get me there.

Focus on what only you can do: This includes your most important relationships, like your walk with God and relationships with your family. If you’re married, you are the only one that can legitimately enjoy intimacy with your spouse — don’t neglect that! And not just intimacy, but hugging on your kids and reminding them they are special and loved. In your business and at home, focus on what ONLY you can do. So often in business, especially if you’re self employed, it’s easy to find yourself on a hamster wheel, trying to do so many things. But the truth is, some of those things aren’t going to make a difference anyway. We try to do too much because we think we can do it all, and that’s just not true!

I mangled it in my video, but here’s the actual quote:

Dr. Paul Rosenfeld, psychiatrist: “The sure sign of the incurable egotist is that he never allows for the actual amount of time any given activity will take.“

If you’re a mom, realize that your children should be growing into ever-increasing roles of responsibility to care for your home. You were never meant to be everyone else’s slave. Do what ONLY you can do, and start getting help with the rest!

Doing what only you can do also includes setting goals for your health and your impact in the world. God gave you life for a purpose!

Set important goals and tell someone: This is the third reason for my video today. Three years ago, I wrote a book in tribute for my mom. I published it on Amazon (so I could give it to her for her birthday), but really, it’s not finished. So today I decided, “You know what? I’m just going to tell the world, Hey, I need to finish this book, and I’m asking you to hold me accountable. Not because I’m going to make a million dollars from a book. I don’t think it’s going to make me a bunch of money. But I believe with all my heart, my mom’s book will change lives, because it’s changing mine.

Let me explain: I wrote this book to honor my mom. But here’s what happened: the more I worked on the book, the more I saw it was changing my mindset, my perspective, and changing me as a mom. It’s helping me be less negative about my mothering skills, and enjoy my family. If God gave you a family, it’s not because He’s punishing you (with all the responsibility), or trying to show you what a loser you are as a mom.

The Bible says as for God, his way is perfect. That means, when He thought about your kids, He thought, “I know the exact perfect mom for them!” And He picked you. Top choice! Maybe you’re like me, thinking “I’m such a loser mom.” No you’re not! If you’re a mom, dad, sister, brother… We all mess up. That’s why Jesus died. Because we can’t do it ourselves. We’re all just doing the best we can, and growing at it all the time.

And then He gives us these goals and dreams.

Wrapping it up:

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Let’s finish these things!
You’re going to feel so good when you FINISH that thing you started. (Whether it’s hugging your kids every day, or sending a note to Grandma, or making 5 cold calls in your business. Pick a goal and DO IT!)

Like my business page at Morgan Reece HQ and request notifications to get more videos like this
Share this video and help hold me accountable to finish my mom’s book!