Morgan Reece 

crunchy Christian mom of 6, writer, self-taught designer, researcher, tech & legal nerd

Kolbe Summary: 8-5-3-3

I’m a researcher/motivator who should let others simplify, explain, design systems and create solutions

Messes I’ve Survived: depression, childhood abandonment, self-loathing, reconciliation w/my dad, hacked website

Entrepreneurship Style: Teacher? (sells: advice)

Who I want to serve: Entrepreneurs (especially Christian moms)

My BHAG: To share mindset, motivation, and methods that will inspire Christians to become producers and build wealth. The entrepreneurship journey revealed bondage despite my freedom in Christ; I want to pass it on!

Interests: Motherhood, Biblical mindset, nutrition, brain health, trademarks, freedom

Biz Experience (2015-2020): eBay & Amazon FBA; CreateSpace; Merch By Amazon 

Biz Level: Starting (2 websites, no email list, <10 engaged FB fans)

What’s Easy & Fun: 

  • Applying the Bible to situations
  • Writing & Public Speaking, acting, role playing 
  • Researching & analyzing options
  • Bragging on solutions by others
  • Website audits & Branding audits
  • Self-publishing – DIY structural editing system, strategic marketing system 
  • Writing poems, songs, and inspirational messages; singing

What’s Hard:

  • Long-term commitment to a single topic (boring!)
  • Speaking off the cuff (risks accuracy)
  • Being concise (accuracy again)
  • Follow thru & accounting
  • Short-term memory loss 

Summary of 27 Survey Responses

“What is Morgan is good at?”

  • Research & organization of difficult issues (trademarks, nutrition & cooking, Bible)
  • Noticing problems, strategizing solutions
  • Faith & positivity, encouragement, enthusiasm, motivation, loving, serving, engaging
  • Singing

“Where is Morgan stuck?” (- and my comments)

  • Overthinking – am I following Dad, “following his passion” & staying broke?
  • Confidence (imposter) – I “know” much but have little to show for it
  • Clarity – Can’t see forest for the trees