Uncensored Life

Signal, the best private messaging app (used by US military): https://signal.org https://newcomputerinquiry.com/uncensored-social-network-alternatives-to-facebook-twitter/ Uncensored Video Hosting and Sharing Alternatives to YouTube https://spreadprivacy.com/what-does-google-know-about-me/ Google takeout: export your data. https://takeout.google.com/?pli=1 https://spreadprivacy.com/how-to-remove-google/ https://spreadprivacy.com/delete-google-search-history/ Private email: FastMail ($5/month for 30GB) (Australia/ USA based) https://www.fastmail.com or ProtonMail (free-500MB; € 6.25/Month (Pro) (based in Switzerland) https://protonmail.com

For TV Sports Crews

Here are some resources I’ve been collecting for the awesome Ops (Operations Directors or Producers) I’ve gotten to work with, and for others who hope to find entry-level employment in the sports entertainment industry.