Our Favorite Children’s Bible Videos

Gospel Bill – Christian Cowboy Character Stories We only had a handful (four? six?) of the VHS tapes from The Gospel Bill Collector’s Edition, but those tapes were well-used and well-loved. Last week we were reminiscing about Gospel Bill when my daughter piped up (in her best southern drawl), “Gawd has not given us the … Read more

Be Patient, May Apple

My May Apple Facebook post: Have you ever eaten fruit before it was ripe? Not very tasty. Yet it might be a perfect specimen of fruit at that stage… Posted by Morgan Reece HQ on Friday, July 3, 2020 Post Featured Image: “Discovery Apples” by Bob Balmer on Flickr

Facebook – Mom Life: June 15, 2020

Some favorite posts I gathered over the past eight weeks on Facebook. (I’m splitting these into posts by topic to keep them shorter.) FB: Smarter Mom Life (Facebook Gems collected 6-15-2021, dating back over the past 8 weeks) Corrie Ten Boom on forgiveness (from Joshua Agan) People who know how to pose with sculptures – … Read more

Rise Up 2020

I’m beyond excited about a 20-day FREE challenge hosted by world-class entrepreneur Pete Vargas. It’s called the Rise Up Challenge, and it’s running from Sunday, April 5 – Saturday, April 25. What is the Rise Up Challenge? The Rise Up Challenge is a 20-day online conference. It’s completely free. (You’ll have the option to buy … Read more