Uncensored Life

Signal, the best private messaging app (used by US military): https://signal.org https://newcomputerinquiry.com/uncensored-social-network-alternatives-to-facebook-twitter/ Uncensored Video Hosting and Sharing Alternatives to YouTube https://spreadprivacy.com/what-does-google-know-about-me/ Google takeout: export your data. https://takeout.google.com/?pli=1 https://spreadprivacy.com/how-to-remove-google/ https://spreadprivacy.com/delete-google-search-history/ Private email: FastMail ($5/month for 30GB) (Australia/ USA based) https://www.fastmail.com or ProtonMail (free-500MB; € 6.25/Month (Pro) (based in Switzerland) https://protonmail.com


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